Our Story



Established 2011

Chelas Mexican Kitchen was created to honor our family's culture and their hard work by creating Mexican inspired dishes, inspired by family recipes, while adding our own modern twist. While Chelas Mexican Grill is how we started, the dishes guests have come to love remain, reflecting a blend of Latin and American cultures symbolizing our parents' generation, our own, and now that of our children.

Inspired by passion, creativity, and consistency, we rebranded as Chelas Mexican Kitchen in early 2020. Simplicity is our main ingredient; we express simple traditional dishes made from real ingredients that are full of flavor. While we are not professional chefs, we bring our passion for cooking to each and every dish in an effort to serve our customers like we do in our homes the way our mothers taught us.

Each and every dish at Chelas Mexican Kitchen is a labor of love. Everything is always handmade, chopped, mixed, blended, and cooked with love and we never compromise on quality of flavor. With our Latin roots and SoCal souls, we love to share the flavors that represent us.  

We enjoy sharing a comfortable, traditional, yet modern vibe. Once inside our space, you will find a comfortable and inviting casual ambiance, with a fun and fresh vibe. We like to think of ourselves as your local "elevated casual restaurant".

Our hope is the unlost moments and flavors of life will always be found for you at Chelas Mexican Kitchen. Same dishes, same flavor you have come to love, a fresh look…and the rest is history.